Outdoor Furniture

      Our outdoor furniture is designed to last a lifetime. We’ve carefully crafted and selected only the most aesthetically pleasing furniture for your outdoor space. Our classic, minimalist designs will never go out of style and match any decor scheme. Shop our selection of timeless, ethically-crafted furniture today....

      Furnish Your Outdoor Sanctuary in Style

      We carry all of the comfortable outdoor dining and living furniture you need for your patio, deck or porch. We make outdoor living so luxurious that you’ll never want to go back inside. Our timeless design works with any decor schemes. Get the tranquil outdoor sanctuary and sustainable design you deserve. 

      Outdoor Seating 

      We carry a wide range of outdoor patio seating for your outdoor space. Our seating features an aesthetically-pleasing muted colour palette and ergonomic design. We carry chairs with cushions, hanging egg chairs, outdoor couches, and more. 

      Outdoor Tables 

      From outdoor patio dining tables to side tables to coffee tables, we have it all. Our outdoor tables are sturdy enough to withstand the elements so they will be beautiful and functional for years to come. All of our furniture is crafted with the attention to detail you’ll appreciate.

      Outdoor Dining Sets 

      Find everything you need for outdoor entertaining. Whether you like to host intimate brunches or outdoor dinner parties, we have an outdoor dining set to accommodate your needs. Our minimalist dining set collections can accommodate four, six or eight people. 

      Outdoor Sofa Sets

      Read, relax, or enjoy time with family on our outdoor sofa sets.  Our sofas and cushioned chairs accommodate one to three people and feature plush outdoor cushions all with an aesthetically pleasing design and beautiful craftsmanship that works in any space.

      Eco-Friendly & Ethically Sourced

      You love the outdoors, and so do we. That is why we are committed to providing sustainable outdoor furniture. We make it our mission to minimize our carbon footprint and use the most sustainable materials possible in our designs. We make it easy for you to enjoy your outdoor space while keeping it safe. 

      Durable, Functional Design

      Our furniture is designed to withstand the elements so you can enjoy it longer. We take care to make sure our beautifully crafted furniture is also comfortable and easy to clean. Get the outdoor oasis you deserve with minimal maintenance. 

      Timeless Style

      Your outdoor furniture purchase is an investment in your future and all the memories you will make there. We are committed to providing you with a classic design that will never look outdated. Our clean lines and neutral colour palette will remain trendy for decades. 

      Why Choose agos–co

      At agos–co, we don’t do temporary. Our furniture is designed to last. We carry only the best eco-friendly, and ethically sourced furniture so you can feel good about your purchase. Our sleek minimalist designs are functional and match any decor scheme or home exterior. Get the comfort and quality craftsmanship from a name you can trust. 

      What Our Customers Are Saying

      “The simplicity, uniqueness and artistic design of Agos-co is on point! Definitely an all-time favourite.”- Pegah E. via Facebook. 

      Shop Our Timeless and Sustainable Furniture Today

      Browse all of our products to start building the environmentally friendly outdoor sanctuary of your dreams. 

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      27 products