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      A wall mirror can be an important addition to any room in a house. In the bathroom, it’s handy at head height for brushing your teeth or hair. In the bedroom, it’s great in full length size to try on clothes in front of, and in the hallway, it’s handy for a last minute check before you head out the door. Wall mirrors can also give the illusion of depth in a small space, add brightness to an otherwise dark room and help achieve good feng shui

      Round & Rectangular

      If you’re looking to hang a single wall mirror on its own, a round mirror is the best way to go. Because furniture is usually square or rectangular, a round mirror will add some visual variety to a space and draw you in, so it’s a popular choice for the bathroom (mounted above the sink) or in the hall where you just want to see your upper body. A single rectangular mirror is a great choice for freestanding on the floor in the bedroom to see as much of yourself as possible, but can also be used in the bathroom, above a his and hers vanity set.

      Square & Decagonal 

      If you have a large bare wall or surface area free, an even set of square mirrors placed together will act like a window and really open up a space. On their own, square wall mirrors look good above a square cabinet or console, to create symmetry, split up the space and add height. A decagonal mirror is a geometric, ten-sided design. It can really go anywhere in the house, but will look extra striking on the back wall of the dining room, or sitting on a shelf or fireplace mantel. Stylish and eye-catching, it will add an instant focal point to any room and break up the usual shapes, lines and curves.

      Here at agos–co, we have a wide variety of mirrors, sorted into our Kyla, Axel, Atlas, Emersyn, Finely and Brynn collections. All of our mirror sizes are either small, medium, large or extra large, and rim colours come in black, white or oak.

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