The bottom tray and wheels of a green bar cart

Raising The Bar: Host Happy Hour At Home With A Bar Cart

In the grip of a global pandemic, state lockdowns and ongoing social restrictions, we cling to life’s little pleasures to see us through. And with our favourite restaurants, bars, and clubs all but empty and so often unable to trade (except for Dan Murphy's: an essential service), no one would blame us for looking high and low for alternatives. Enter, the modest - but we’ve since realised, invaluable - bar cart.

The bar cart (or tea trolley) is not as it first appears. Put aside your assumptions of sunny afternoon teas and homemade scones on the back veranda with Grandma, because the bar cart is the next best thing in stay-at-home entertainment. And according to a recent feature in the Herald Sun, even Shane Warne has jumped on board the bar cart bandwagon!

Although a lot of our work arrangements and lifestyle habits have either been shut down completely or altered in some way, our social sacrifices don’t have to be in vain with the help of the humble bar cart (and coming out of Dry July, this is the perfect time to pimp up your home set-up). Whether you’re looking to transform your living room into the hub of the home, or wanting to up the ante on your outdoor entertainment, the bar cart is the epitome of variety.

Although typically enjoyed in living rooms and dining rooms, it is built for versatility. It’s lightweight and weather resistant, so its practicality and durability will stand the test of time. Sustainably made from cast aluminium with a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified teak wood handle, it’s attractive and environmentally friendly. Easy to assemble and completely portable (on wheels), a bar cart is super functional and can be effortlessly moved from indoor to outdoor settings, so you don’t even need to leave the room you’re in to get the party started!

Friends raising glasses at a party

If you’re settled in on the couch watching Netflix or sport, you can set up a bar cart with all your big night in soft drinks and snacks. If you’re relaxing on a deck chair by the pool, you can use it to hold your Summer spritzer, accessories and tubs of sunscreen. You can clink drinks with housemates on the balcony, dine alfresco or dial in for after work drinks via Zoom. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating (or commiserating) solo or with friends and family, a bar cart is an every occasion creation.

Use and styling wise, the options are also endless. The bar cart is timeless and seamlessly fits into any interior or exterior space, and agos—co’s modern colour collection comes in cream, green and classic black. You can serve anything on its two fully equipped shelves, from your favourite beers, ciders, wines, spirits and fast becoming popular non-alcoholic alternatives, to snacks, canapes and light lunches. It can also be a stylish display unit, showcasing luxury homewares, cocktail shakers, glasses and decanters, or even décor pieces such as flower arrangements, books and vignettes.

Black bar cart

To sum it all up, here are the top 5 reasons why you should get yourself a bar cart today:

  1. Due to COVID, eating, drinking and entertaining at home is the new normal
  2. It’s sturdy and tough so it can be used outside as well as inside
  3. It is sustainably and ethically made
  4. It’s multi-purpose and can double as a display unit when not being used as a bar
  5. Its design is timeless and will suit any room, home décor and layout
Green bar cart

Restore your fluids and your sanity all in one with your very own bar cart – and turn lamenting lockdown into an art. With such a trusty, nifty item at your disposal, you can treat every day like it’s your birthday. So, instead of putting all your plans on ice, put a drink on ice instead, and put that on a bar cart. Cheers!

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