Founded from a thriving passion for architecture and the interior design realm, amongst thoughtful design, functionality, and sustainability, agos—co is the base that helps you transform a house into a home.
At agos—co, we believe a home is a sanctuary that embraces individual flair and feelings; to feel loved, tranquil, and with comfort to express who you are and what you love freely. We spend our time carefully sourcing and creating furniture and objects that illustrate this unique sentiment with a mindfulness of beautiful, ethical and functional design. We appreciate beautiful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sustainable design locally and internationally.
We believe every footprint impacts the environment. We are very conscious and attentive about the process and materials used behind the production of a product. Where possible, we aim to provide you with an eco collection of furniture and homewares that has little or no harmful effects on the environment.
‘We don’t believe in temporary, we believe in quality and design, with an emphasis on longevity and purpose.’ agos—co.