From big to small, square to rectangular, beige to bright, cushions are a must-have in every home. They provide comfort, texture, layering and personality, whether you’re reading a book in bed or relaxing on the couch with a movie on. Our range of cushions will add luxury and style to any room in your house - from the bedroom to the living room - and will keep you extra cosy in the cooler months…

      Cushions for the Bedroom

      Turn your bedroom into a snug and stylish retreat with an array of cushions. If you have a large bed, stack them up in front of your regular pillows to create depth and add to the plush feel of the room. If your bed is small, choose one cushion as the centrepiece, and use others for a chair or window seat. An extra tip – ground the look by choosing at least one cushion that’s the same colour as something else in the room (i.e the curtains, carpet or walls). 

      Cushions for the Living Room

      Make your living room a warm and inviting place with a good couch to cushion ratio. If your tastes are pretty traditional, have an even number of cushions on the sofa (i.e two on each side, one large and a smaller one in front). Or if you just need some back support or something to lean on, add a random scattering and mix n match where they’re permanently placed.

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