Coffee Tables


      Amplify your living room or office space with a designer coffee table. Timeless & sophisticated, they suit every house or apartment when you style them with your favourite decorative objects or designer books. Whether small or large, wooden or metal, our coffee tables offer functionality & practicality and the perfect surface space to rest your food, drinks & belongings…

      Rectangular & Round

      A rectangle is the most common shape for a designer coffee table. It works well in traditional sized spaces parallel to a standard-sized couch, and offers lots of surface area for both decor items and hot beverages like coffee, tea & hot chocolate. Everyone in the lounge will be able to reach it regardless of where they are seated. A round coffee table, on the other hand, can give a small room with mostly straight-edged objects a sense of space and provide a point of focus. If residents & visitors move about the area a lot, a circular table is easy for them to manoeuvre around and there are no sharp corner concerns for kids.

      Square, Oval & Abstract

      A square is symmetrical, so it’s no surprise why it’s such an aesthetically pleasing shape for a designer coffee table. Classic in style & purpose, it can suit any interior design style and looks especially good alongside modular sofas, sectionals & single armchairs. An oval or elliptical coffee table is ideal for large living rooms. The elongated shape and generous surface space means you can fit a lot on it, whilst the rounded edges still allow a lot of room around it. A contemporary curved or triangular coffee table top shape is great for those who want to make a statement. Plus, three legs is actually more stable than four.

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