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Lounge in Style: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Hanging Egg Chair This Summer

Although most people don't spend as much time outside as they should, getting fresh air and sunlight has scientifically-proven health benefits. Not only does it provide us with Vitamin D, but it also has been shown to improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, and fight off depression. No matter what life throws at you, it's important to make outdoor time a priority!

If you need a place to sit outdoors to work, read, study, or socialise, there's nothing quite so comfortable as a hanging egg chair. Here, we're going to discuss the main benefits of this cool seating, so read on for some of the best reasons that this is an investment that you should make ASAP.

A hanging egg chair showcasing beautiful outdoor living at Montseny Villa, Spain

1. They're Aesthetically Pleasing

The furniture on a patio, deck, or yard seating area is intended to spice things up. A hanging egg chair is one of the coolest-looking and most unique pieces of furniture on the market. No matter what variety you choose, you'll wind up with a one-of-a-kind living space where you can relax and unwind.

If you haven't heard of them before, hanging egg chairs are a timeless classic of patio furniture. They were first popularised in the 1960s and have been developed further over the years into what they are today.

Going into 2021, you can buy these egg-shaped hammocks in a variety of materials including cotton, nylon, and cushioned wicker. One of the best things about the shape of these chairs is that they hold your entire body mid-air and shield your head and eyes from the harsh Australian sunlight!

beige hanging egg chair with navy blue cushions on a modern patio

2. They Work With All Decor Schemes

No matter what your decor scheme is, a hanging egg chair will make it look as awesome as possible.

The organic egg shape works well with antique and mid-century modern outdoor schemes, but its simplicity and minimalism also makes it the perfect choice for contemporary spaces. If you purchase classic outdoor furniture made in multicolour materials, these hammocks are made from similar materials that go well with them.

Since most hanging egg chairs are made from wicker, they go wonderfully with wicker baskets and coffee tables. You can get all sorts of items in this unique material to match your new hanging chair.

There are also many hanging egg chair varieties, which gives you many options to choose something that works with your pre-existing outdoor decor scheme. From exterior colour to cushion hue to size, there are tons of different alternatives that you're sure to love.

If you want to get a chair that can always be adapted to fit your space, brown or black wicker is perfect. You can change to cushion inside to match whatever colour furniture you're using for the time being!

3. They're Super Comfortable

Egg-shaped hammocks are incredibly comfortable. Many people choose to sit in them like they're swings, placing their back against the back of the egg. This is especially cozy if you fold your legs up in front of you pretzel-style and lean back. Let yourself sway in the mid-day breeze!

These chairs are comfortable for your mind as well as your body. You can also curl up inside these chairs as though they're a little nest. Whether you choose to do this with a good book or an iPod loaded with your favourite tunes, it's a great way to promote mindfulness.

The chair has a cocoon effect, which provides you with a feeling of protection and safety so that you can focus on yourself rather than external stimuli.

4. They're Ergonomic

With the level of comfort that hanging egg chairs provide, you likely will be surprised to hear that they're actually quite ergonomic. The curved shape accommodates your back perfectly and provides spinal support. This lumbar support is important for keeping your joints and muscles healthy and free of long-term pain.

Additionally, you can choose any cushion that you like for the inside of your hammock chair. This means that you can choose something more firm or soft to sit on. You can also include a cushion that's the perfect size to fit around your back. This ensures that you will get the perfect option for your specific body type and back needs.

Since the chair also allows you to sit in multiple comfortable positions, you can vary your posture as often as you like. This keeps you free of pain and discomfort and stops your back to molding to one position. The ultimate result is a stronger spine, less muscle cramping, and overall better musculoskeletal health.

beige hanging egg chair with beige cushions in the garden

5. They're Sturdy and Long-Lasting

Finally, a hanging egg chair is a long-term investment. Because they're made from sturdy materials, there's no need to worry that they'll break or wear down quickly. Your chair will last you for many years assuming that you take care of it!

An egg chair swing doesn't need much maintenance- all you need to do is bring it inside or under a canopy when it begins to rain. This will prevent rust and decay if the stand or suspension cord are made from metal. You also will want to clean tea or coffee spills immediately. Beyond that, there isn't much to do!

Whether you use a stand for your chair or suspend it from a tree in your garden, it's sure to stay in place. Sturdy suspension materials mean that you never need to worry about it falling. You can rest assured that you're as safe and protected as you feel in your little sanctuary!

Get a Hanging Egg Chair Today!

Now that you know why you need a hanging egg chair for your outdoor living space, it's time to get cracking!

Contact us with any remaining questions that you have on these chairs and the other outdoor furniture that goes with them. We're happy to help you find the perfect seating for your sanctuary, so reach out whenever you get the chance!