A set of 4 grey velvet chairs around a table

Why Velvet Chairs Are Always In Vogue

Is there anything more lush or more luxurious than velvet? A favourite for many years in many different industries, from furniture to fashion, design to décor, velvet is distinctive yet versatile..

Although a lot of interior design trends have moved towards minimalist lines and crisp colours, a craving for comfort will never wane, and this is where a velvet chair can satisfy.

Silky, soft and tactile to touch, its often opulence personified, but come the cooler months, it would be a welcomed addition to any home or business – modern or old.

You can curl up in an armchair, sit up on a counter stool or sink back into a dining chair.

So, keep reading to find out more about the revival of velvet and why it would look right at home in your home…

Snug and Stylish

Whether it’s an office, double storey house or a compact unit, or a waiting room, the living room or the bedroom, a space feels safe and complete when you’re comfortable. The adjective velvety means to have a “smooth, soft appearance, feel, or taste”, so it’s no wonder a velvet chair is a coveted furniture item.

It will keep you warm during the winter months in particular, and will feel extra enticing when layered up with cosy cushions, throws and blankets.

Style wise, velvet adds an immediately luxe look to any room, unlike other common upholstery materials such as cotton, linen, leather, wool and nylon - which often can’t compete with the richness and depth that a piece of velvet furniture provides.

Pastel pieces are popular in bohemian themed rooms, whilst bold colours are favoured in mid-century and modern style homes. Light and bright coloured velvet seats and sofas (such as pink, purple, blue, yellow and green) will look great against a dark background, drape, wallpaper or patterned carpet, whilst darker hued items that are plum, black, beige and grey will suit both dark and light walls.

Velvet also looks good alongside a mix of finishes, from sleek brass, bronze and chrome coffee tables and lamps, to matt black picture frames and glossy, gilded mirrors.

A green velvet chair and matching cushions in a living room

Texture and Variety

One of velvet’s most distinctive features is its nap (aka the direction in which the pile of fibres goes). When you run your hand over the fabric, you will be able to tell whether it feels smooth (the pile is going down) or rough (the pile is going up, against the nap). When the nap is up, the velvet will look darker and catch and reflect light.

That being said, it’s often difficult to tell the difference between something that is velvet or velvet-like. For example, velvet and velour are two separate fabrics. Velvet is actually several layers of fabric that have been woven together (often acetate or rayon). Despite a very similar finish, velour is typically made from knitted cotton or polyester.

Velveteen is heavy, with a suede look about it. Crushed or panne velvet is crumpled, corduroy is sturdy with ribbed, vertical lines, and stretch velvet has spandex woven in to the weave. Other varieties include ciselé / patterned velvet, embossed velvet and textured velvet.

Not Too High-Maintenance

Despite its lavish looks, velvet isn’t as hard to keep clean as you might think. This is because its pile is pretty resistant to snagging, making it a good choice for people who want a chair, couch or stool that is up to daily use.

To give velvet a long lifespan, using a fabric protector is a good preventative and protective step. Otherwise, fairly simple and straightforward cleaning techniques should suffice, such as steaming, a gentle vacuum to get rid of crumbs, dirt and dust built up in the creases and corners, and quickly blotting spills and stains with a dry cloth.

Consider your colour choice too. Avoid placing a bright or richly pigmented piece of velvet furniture near a window, direct sunlight or out in the elements, otherwise expect fading and a loss of lustre over time.

Our Velvet Chair Range

Here at agos-co, we recently added velvet to our list of material types, and have included the fabric in three different, curated collections.

The velvet dining chairs and counter stools from the Giselle Collection will create an opulent distinction in your space. Dressed in green and midnight blue velvet, they will promote relaxation and spark conversation. Featuring powder coated steel legs with a smooth silhouette velvet seat, the Giselle dining chairs will evoke a fine dining experience no matter the time of the day, and the stools will accommodate you contentedly at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the Kristin Collection, we have incredibly elegant dining chairs in sets of 2 that are the perfect accent to your home. Upholstered in beautiful grey, teal, bronze and beige, with contrasting powder coated steel legs, these velvet chairs are classy and chic. Currently out of stock, they are coming back soon – with new colour varieties too!

Finally, in the Laurence Collection, velvet comes in the form on an occasional chair. In either olive, navy or dusty rose, this showstopping low to the ground, high backed slouch chair is covered in a luxurious velvet, with contrasting black steel legs. It’s the perfect chair for your bedroom or child’s nursery, and even your living room or study. These are also coming back in stock approx. end of August with new colours included.