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6 Creative Ways To Use A Decorative Ladder

Looking for a simple way to display items around your home without taking up too much time or space?

Look no further than our brand-new range of Scala decorative ladders.

Sleek, stylish and assembly-free, a decorative ladder is a perfect slimline storage solution. Despite its simple design, it can store and display many items, like clothes, bedding, magazines, pictures, decorations, and more.

You can place it on a wall or in a corner without needing extra space. And, it will not tip over because of the rubber stops.

Scroll down for our top 6 favourite ladder display ideas to try out in your home…

1. Bathroom Towels & Accessories

Bathrooms often aren’t the most spacious areas of the home. Not much space for storage exists between the shower, the bath, and the sink. 

This is where a decorative display ladder can be handy.

Place it on a wall to use as a towel ladder or rack. Fold all your bathroom towels, flannels, and beach towels without making a mess in the laundry cupboard. You can hang loofahs and body brushes from the rungs too.

Need more space for holding bathroom accessories like soap, make-up, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products and more? Get a couple of cheap, wire hanging baskets and hook them on. 

2. Clothes & Linen

If your drawers are too full and your cupboard doors can barely close, you're not the only one. Most of us have more clothes than our storage spaces allow, which can be a pain.

A decorative ladder, however, multitasking as a clothes rack, can solve most of your problems.

You can drape items like pants, shirts, and scarves over each rung to free up room in your cupboard. You can use clothes hangers to hang heavy or long items on the clothes ladder rails, like jackets, jumpers, dresses, and dressing gowns.

You can also use a wall ladder to dry your clothes. Lean it in front of the heater or over a duct in your living room and your clothes will dry in no time. And if you have a lot of linen, you can use a second display ladder as a blanket ladder to hold your bedding.

agos-co towel ladder

3. Magazines & Cards

A magazine rack is a great solution for organising your magazines and newspapers. It helps to keep them neatly displayed and prevents messy piles from stacking up on the coffee table.

A decorative ladder is a modernised version. Think of it as a vertical library. 

If you have a blank wall in your living room or home office, you can place it there or prop it in a corner. All you have to do is open your magazines in the middle and drape them over the rungs, spines facing upwards. 

You can do the same thing for greeting cards too. Tired of cluttering your mantle, desk, or table with birthday cards? Use a display ladder as a card rack instead!

4. Photo Collages

Computers and phones let us have photos with us, but we still love having physical photos. Be it family portraits or candid snaps with friends, it’s nice to surround yourself with cherished memories in the home.

A wall ladder is a great new trend championing this sweet sentiment.

You can hang any piece of art or photography on a decorative picture ladder. It could be as a poster, in a frame or printed on canvas. If it has hooks or you can peg it, you can display it and it will look fantastic.

Using it is simple, and you can rotate images and create themes. For example, you can put up photos of your partner or child on their birthday. Teens can put up pictures of their favourite movie star or band in their room without ruining the wall paint.

5. Christmas Decorations

Decorative ladders, as described, are also perfect for decorations.

During Christmas, it's common to decorate the house. However, you may not have the energy or the space for a tree.

A Christmas ladder is the most stylish solution.

Decorate a Christmas ladder with tinsel, lights, candy canes, ornaments, stockings, and cards. If you have little kids, you can even position it under the fireplace to help Santa get down the chimney!

6. Plants & Pots

And finally, storage ladders can also come in handy for avid green thumbs.

Because houseplants and indoor plants are so popular, we have no doubt you have a few scattered about the house. But have you considered introducing a vertical garden?

With a decorative wall ladder, the possibilities are endless! Plant ladders look great on the front veranda or back porch, as well as in the bathroom or lounge. 

You can hang small plants in plastic or terracotta pots. Keep herbs in containers near the kitchen, and train vines to climb up rungs and rails for a nature-inspired wall. If you're not a big fan of gardening, you can use faux foliage instead.