Snug as a Bug: The Best Home Accessories for Winter

Snug as a Bug: The Best Home Accessories for Winter

Did you know, that 35% of Australians say they feel more down and depressed during the winter months? If you're prone to the winter blues too, a snuggly home decor could just be the answer!

So, what are the best home accessories for this time of year? And how can you stay cosy and warm all winter long without breaking the bank?

Read on to learn how you can use gorgeous accessories to create a winter wonderland.

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Cosy Cushions

Natural and breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton are your best bet when looking for cosy winter cushions. Large, plump cushions will be difficult to resist on a chilly, rainy evening. 

Layer your sofa with different textures and fabrics. A variety of sizes can give the appearance of different levels within your couch. Place darker shades at the bottom with eye-catching fabrics and colours on top.

Don't be afraid to pile your cushions onto various surfaces so that there is always a comfortable place to snuggle.

Blankets and Throws

Accessories for winter should include soft layers, such as blankets and throws.

Prepare your home for movie nights in front of the heater or fireplace with popcorn and hot drinks by adding chunky knit throws and blankets to the couch. Snuggling under a blanket is the perfect way to keep warm this winter. 

Look for earthy tones that match the rest of your winter home decor. Natural fabrics such as cotton and alpaca fibre are perfect for keeping you warm without the worry of overheating. 

Lightweight and neutral enough to go with almost any outfit, a Baby Alpaca blanket can double as a big scarf or shawl / wrap too.

Shoulder of a woman wearing a baby alpaca blanket as a scarf

Winter-Inspired Centrepieces

Sure, winter in Australia isn't a festive time of the year like it is overseas, but that doesn't mean you can't add some sparkle and spice to the cooler months.

Decorate your buffet or coffee table with a rustic centrepiece with raw, natural materials. Greenery and touches of the outdoors can help your home feel warm and inviting. Fill a wooden serving tray with pillar candles, faux greenery, and pine cones to add a winter scene to your cosy space. 

If you're creative, you can make your own enchanting winter centrepiece using freshly cut branches and pine cones. Select dark, rich colours such as deep reds and greens to evoke a cosy feel in your living space. Add ribbons and natural materials for a rustic finish. 

Create Ambience with Candlelight

Turn the lights down and enjoy the warm glow of candlelight in your cosy winter snug. Candles are an excellent way to create a relaxing, warm atmosphere in the living area, bedroom or bathroom. Large pillar candles can create a point of focus while tealights delicately add light in clusters. 

The flickering flames of the candles are guaranteed to help you relax and stay warm this winter, and you can use electric tealights in place of traditional candles for a safer alternative. 

Note - always position candles and naked flames away from flammable objects or handmade decor that could catch fire. 

Natural Textures

Natural materials can help create a warming space in your home and be great additional accessories for winter. Baskets filled with logs and hand-crafted decorations can make a space feel homey. The colour palette of natural fibres such as wood and jute will help you create a rustic country home vibe that will leave your living space feeling toasty. 

Wooden bowls and spheres are a great place to store smaller items that do not fit with your seasonal colour scheme.

These types of storage solutions are perfect for living areas and bedrooms that need an extra hint of rustic winter decor. 

Hommey cushions stacked up next to a wood fireplace

Mantel Decor

Transform your mantel into a winter-inspired masterpiece. Your fireplace and mantel can anchor the rest of your furniture and create a focal point for a cosy, log-cabin vibe. 

Keep colours neutral or warm-hued, and try adding a large mirror with fairy lights around it to expand your space without lowering the temperature of the room. Hang pom garlands across your fireplace for a more minimalist aesthetic.

Find the Best Accessories for Winter

Create a warm and inviting space by decorating with accessories for winter. Celebrate the cold months with cosy blankets and romantic candles, and you'll be happy to stay home in your newly revamped winter haven. 

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