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Do It Yourself Shelf: 5 Ways to Display a Shelving Unit in Your Home

Whether you prefer the industrial look of a metal shelving unit or the unique design of this eye-catching wooden model, there's no denying that shelving units are a valuable addition to any home. 

But shelves are for more than storing the travel souvenirs, candles, and vases you've accumulated over the years. Shelving units can make a style statement if you know how to decorate creatively and meaningful.

And, even if you aim to use your shelves for storing more practical items, there's no reason not to arrange your shelves with design and decoration in mind. 

Are you looking for inspiring ways to use shelving units in your home? Keep reading to learn more!

1. Display Your Kitchen Accessories 

Most people use their kitchen shelving units for storing display-only crockery items. But if you're tight on space, it could be time to use the storage shelving units in your kitchen in a more practical way. 

That's not to say that aesthetics don't come into it. Lining your kitchen shelves with matching pots and jars full of spices, baking essentials, or dried legumes is the perfect way to turn your cooking supplies into decoration.

Or, why not arrange your rolling pins, bundt pans, and cake stands on your kitchen shelving unit? Having these useful items within easy reach will make baking a breeze, while you and your guests are sure to appreciate seeing your collection out on display. 

While your kitchen is one of the hardest-working rooms in your house, it's also a place where people gather and make memories. Using kitchen accessories as decoration is a great way to reflect your kitchen's duality as both a functional space and the heart of your home. 

2. Metal Shelving Unit Turned Mantelpiece

Love the idea of a traditional mantelpiece but don't have space for one? How about recreating the look with a modern twist by installing this Andor White shelving unit in your living room?

For an optimal mantelpiece effect, these shelves will need pride of place, ideally opposite your sofa. Make sure to fill the lower shelves with classic books, boxed items, or anything else you have that's plain and non-distracting. This way, you'll minimize the impact of these sections, helping to draw attention to your feature 'mantel' shelf as a result. 

The star of the show will then be the shelf at the height of a traditional mantelpiece. If you want to go for a more classic mantelpiece look, you could add a clock in the middle of this shelf, flanked by symmetrical details on either side. These could be candlesticks, vases, or any other traditional mantelpiece decor.

To complete the look, rest a piece of art or a mirror on the shelf above the 'mantel' shelf. This will help divert your eyes to the shelf below as the central and most decorative feature.

3. Divide and Conquer

Adaptability is one of the critical requirements of a happy home. As such, many people prefer open-plan spaces, viewing them as full of possibilities and opportunities to alter room layouts as and when your needs and preferences change. In such areas, shelving units can offer the perfect room divider, stepping up as both a makeshift wall and handy shelving unit for your living room.

Depending on how much of a division you want to make between your dining area and kitchen or your seating area and study, a more narrow shelving unit could be enough of a divider to make an impact. You could then fill the shelves with as many or as few items as you wish, depending on the level of division you want to achieve.

Alternatively, this Oslo White shelving unit offers open space and the potential for playing with formations, layers, and lines. These features make it ideal for acting as a talking point as well as a room divider. 

4. Create an Entertainment Station

They say that staying in is the new going out. As such, it makes sense to add free-standing shelving units in your home as a space dedicated to your entertainment of choice.  

For example, if you love mixing cocktails for your friends and family, why not turn your living room shelving space into a bar? This Oslo Black unit fits the bill perfectly, with plenty of shelves in different heights and widths to accommodate everything from champagne flutes to whiskey tumblers. You can add in a few cocktail shakers and bottles of wine to create interest through contrast.

Then, you could use one of the middle shelves as your mixing station, complete with an ice bucket, silver serving tray, and a selection of popular spirits. 

Or, if playing obscure records for your friends and family is your idea of fun, how about dedicating this Natural Oak Mantel shelving unit to your record player and ever-growing vinyl collection? You could place your turntable on a middle shelf and decorate the other shelves with your records.

5. Organise Your Garage Essentials 

In the same way that you can turn kitchen supplies into decorative items, you can also make all the DIY tools, car maintenance accessories, and camping gear in your garage a lot more stylish with the right approach. 

This Andor Black shelving unit is a great place to start. Rather than stacking boxes on top of each other or using ugly wire baskets, installing this sturdy yet chic unit will give your garage an instant makeover. 

As for what to line the shelves with, opaque plastic boxes are a real lifesaver in the garage, hiding many sins and keeping all odds and ends in one place. Add a label to the front, and you'll be sure to put your hands on the right tool every time. Although, it's best to keep chemicals, fuels, and fertilizers in their original bottles to avoid potential accidents or confusion.

black wooden vase displayed on a metal shelving unit

Different Ways to Use Shelving Units

As these different ideas show, there are plenty of inspirational and creative ways to use shelving units within your home. 

But, while the aesthetics and practicality of how you style your shelving unit will always be an important factor, your main aim should be to do so in a way that feels unique and personal to you and your home. 

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