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A Stylist's Guide: How To Style A Shelfie With MK Interior Styling

Now that you have the perfect shelf or shelving unit, you may be seeking some inspiration or asking for guidance on how to style it. We invite Melonie from MK Interior Styling to guide us through her approach on how to curate a collection of objects for the ultimate 'shelfie' worth photographing with some helpful tips along the way. 


The MK Approach

"We often tend to use a shelf to exhibit pieces we love. It's a visual display that adds character to any room," explains Melonie. Collecting pieces for a shelf may be easy, but working out the best way to position them can be daunting for some. Melonie's advice is to take your time and have fun tweaking it until you are satisfied. "Trust me; if you see me in action, I will move objects a million times until I step back and feel 100% satisfied." 

Melonie recommends sourcing inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, as platforms like these can offer so many examples of beautifully styled shelves and what's trending at the time. "It's a great place to start if you want some inspiration for a shelf you would like to style, then I say have fun personalising it and making it a personalised shelfie." What is a shelfie, you may ask? A shelfie comes from two words, 'selfie' and 'shelf,' which makes way for the new trend of styling, expressing personal interests, and photographing your 'shelfie.' 

Melonie's style derives from mixing beautiful, unique pieces of the past and present, and referring to it as a 'fusion of old and new.' Melonie shares, "when I am staging properties for sale, I like to keep it minimal. However, when I am working on a client's home, I ensure I focus on their interests and create a story for them to enjoy."


Image and styling by Melonie from MK Interior Styling

MK's Staple Objects


Melonie believes books are essential when it comes to creating height and depth. "You can stack books upright to create height, line them up in groups, or even show off their beautiful covers," describes Melonie. She further explains, "I like to arrange books according to the specific colour scheme, and in most cases, I tend to choose books that are within a monochrome palette. A monochrome palette is easy to work with and photographs beautifully."

MK HintI love sourcing books from OppShops. By taking the covers off older novels, you will find some beautiful black covered books. Not only do they give an old-world touch, but by facing the spine backwards, it adds to those spots that need a 'filler.' 

Image and styling by Melonie from MK Interior Styling



Flowers and plants bring so much beauty to an intended space. "If you are not a fan of the maintenance behind flowers and plants, I highly recommend finding dry arrangements as they last for as long as you would like to keep them," tells Melonie.  

MK HintA flower like a hydrangea can dry so beautifully (not in all cases, but with a little luck) and can look so sweet. These days, there are beautiful artificial arrangements available to purchase that look so real. Find ones that compliment you. I love using flowers on shelves and plants! It adds life to an arrangement don’t you think?

 Image and styling by Melonie from MK Interior Styling 


Melonie is an enthusiast of grouping frames together and leaning prints on a shelf. "I tend to start styling my shelf with this arrangement and then continue to style with my other objects," she explains. 

MK HintI recommend picking up on the colours of your art, and complimenting throughout the styling process. For example, this can be achieved with your flower arrangement or book covers; it creates a neat wholesome story. 

  Image and styling by Melonie from MK Interior Styling


Lighting in a room is necessary for creating a charming setting for you and your guests in any interior. "Illuminating your shelf with soft light not only adds a lovely ambiance to the room but highlights your visual display (especially at night)," illustrates Melonie.  

MK HintI highly recommend using warm globes to add softness to your space as opting for the bright light can look wrong, and you may find yourself looking away from your shelf to regain your vision!

 Image and styling by Melonie from MK Interior Styling


Melonie's personal collection expresses a Hellenic culture and heritage. "I love displaying figurines of Goddess of health 'Ygeia' and love to showcase my passion for Cycladic art. I love pots, vases, and, in fact, all ceramics." 

MK HintFind objects that appeal to you and group them together. For instance, try grouping elements in different heights like a short ceramic and a tall ceramic, side by side. Arranging and grouping objects create layers and a great deal of depth to your display.


MK's Final Hint

Most importantly, have fun creating your shelfie with a combination of lovely textures and shapes. Try not to overcrowd your excitement with too many items as it can look messy. Simple is best; however, let it express a visual display that you are proud to showcase. Melonie x