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5 Tips to Help Choose the Perfect Shaped Coffee Table

Aside from the bedroom, people spend the most amount of time in their living rooms. When it comes to designing a living room, your couch and coffee table are arguably the most important pieces. The coffee table is where you can show off your design aesthetic while storing items and using it for various activities.

When it comes to how to choose a coffee table, there are many considerations. You’ll want to choose a piece that looks great while also providing the functionality you need. You’ll also need a coffee table that fits well in your space to provide for your needs instead of becoming an obstruction.

Our five tips for choosing the perfect shaped coffee table can help you make the best decision. Throughout the shopping experience, you’ll know where to look and everything you need to consider.


marble coffee table next to the grey fabric sofa

1. Consider Your Furniture Proportions

The most common question you might have is how big should a coffee table be. To answer this question, consider the furniture you already have. If you have a large couch, a small coffee table might end up looking like an end table in comparison. 

On the other hand, you might have a smaller couch with plenty of room for a large coffee table. You may feel the need to feel your space, but a significantly large coffee table might end up looking out of place.

As you’re shopping for a coffee table, consider pieces that are no bigger than 2/3 the size of your couch. Look at your other living room furniture like armchairs as well. If you have small, thin chairs, a smaller coffee table with match better.

2. Choose the Right Height Coffee Table

As you’re thinking about what shape coffee table you need, consider the height as well. Your coffee table should be easy to access from your couch and chairs, but it shouldn’t be too high.

Many design experts recommend choosing a coffee table that’s about two inches lower than the seat of your couch. At this height, it should be easy to access books and other items without disrupting your living room aesthetic.

If your coffee table is too low, it won’t be easily accessible from your couch. Too high, and the coffee table may start to resemble a raised TV tray designed for eating. Finding the right height will be important for your comfort as well as your home style.

modern white coffee table on metal legs, next to yellow armchair and dark grey sofa made of fabric

3. Choose Based on Space

When determining what size coffee table you need, the length is just as important as height. If you’re buying a coffee table for a small space, you’ll need a piece that offers enough room to walk around it.

Make sure you have at least a foot of space between your coffee table and couch as well as two to three feet between the table and your TV. Considering your space can help guide which shape coffee table you need.

Circular coffee tables might offer more clearance to walk around, while large rectangular tables may take up more floor space. If you have less space, you might also want to consider specific materials.

Glass-top coffee tables tend to offer the illusion of more space. Coffee tables with legs also create the illusion of more space along your floor. Consider these different features as you’re browsing types of coffee tables.

4. Match Your Home Design Style

One of the biggest considerations for buying a coffee table is design aesthetic. You may want a coffee table that has enough space for decorations, which would help determine the shape you need.

Different coffee table shapes also communicate different design styles. For example, if you have mid-century modern furniture, a classic rectangular coffee table with rounded legs may fit the best with your home style.

If you have a more eclectic interior design style, you may want to choose a less traditional coffee table. Instead of legs, some tables exist with marble or metal bases.

Colour should also play a role. If you have plenty of decorations throughout your living room, a more muted coffee table will match the aesthetic well. On the other hand, if your home is neutral you may want a coffee table that offers a pop of colour.

a low, modern black coffee table with golden accessories on the legs

5. Shop Based on Function and Needs

At the end of the day, your coffee table needs to serve a purpose. You may want a purely decorative table or one that can store kids’ toys and books. The functions you need can help determine the best-shaped coffee table for your home.

If you need a coffee table for storage, consider coffee tables that have multiple tiers or drawers. The storage options should be easy to access without taking up too much space.

If you anticipate eating and drinking from your coffee table, you’ll also need to find options that are easy to clean. Certain types of wood may stain easily, while ceramics and glass will be easy to wipe clean.

If you know your kids will be around the coffee table a lot, consider shapes that are safer for children. Circular coffee tables or those with rounded corners may be best to help prevent injury.

Find Quality, Long-Lasting Coffee Tables

As you’re shopping for the perfect coffee table, the best value will come from high-quality products. Choosing the cheapest option may seem fine at the moment, but you may end up spending more money in the long run. 

Browse coffee tables that are sturdy and can last throughout years and moves. At Agos and Co, we offer affordable, high-quality coffee tables in a variety of shapes and sizes. Shop today to find the table that fits your needs for form and function.