Close up of a bundle of Hommey cushions

How to Make Your Home Homely With Hommey Cushions

Your home can feel like it's missing warmth and life when your walls are bare or you don't have any plush textures from pillows or throws. Adding new décor can make your space livelier, more colourful, and extra inviting.

From neutral to bold, big to small, Hommey cushions are the perfect addition to any room. They add colour, layer and comfort, and a place to relax either with friends and family, or one your own - happily - with a cup of coffee and a good book.

In this article, we'll give you some great design tips and ways of decorating with Hommey cushions...

Don't Be Afraid of Colour

It's important to identify your personal colour palette. Take a walk through your home and write down all the colours you see. Note the walls, window treatments, furnishings, and accessories. 

Most people have two or three main colours throughout the home. When you're shopping, you want at least one of your main colours represented in scatter pillows and cushions. 

If you can't find your exact colours, stick with a bold black or a neutral pillow. If you're keen on keeping things monochromatic, go for a warm grey, or if you want a pop of colour, a coffee inspired shade.

When shopping for Hommey cushions, you'll notice different sizes and shapes. This is intentional. You can play with the tone and composition of the room with big and small cushions, and square and rectangular ones.

A good arrangement of pillows is about layers and contrast, but beware of adding too many patterns because when home decorating, you don't want the results to be overwhelming!

An assortment of colourful Hommey cushions

True Comfort

When it comes to comfort, most people think of the living room and bedroom. Those are two of the best rooms to start with when you're looking to add some comfort and cosiness to your home...


Your bedroom needs to be a place of comfort and relaxation. The style of your bed and bed frame dictates the style of your room. Some people choose not to have a bed frame at all and the mattress sits straight on the floor. 

You can make your bedroom truly cosy with Hommey cushions. If your mattress sits on the floor, add tons of comfort and cosiness with lots of different pillows and cushions. 

Do you have a traditional bed frame or a canopy? Embrace a more minimalist style with only a few decorative cushions at the head of the bed. Remember to include at least one colour in the pillows that is already in the room.

White Hommey cushions on a bed

Living Room

Make your living room an inviting and comfortable place with the right sofa as well as accessories and décor. Avoid a sofa that's too narrow. A seat depth of 21-24 inches is comfortable for most people, and add some Hommey cushions for extra back support.

If your tastes lean toward traditional, keep an even number of cushions on the sofa. The best way to achieve this is with a large cushion in each corner of the sofa. Then layer a smaller, neutral-coloured cushion in front of the larger one.

Is your style more eclectic? Use lots of pillows of different sizes, shapes, and colours scattered around the couch. Try three on one end and offset by a large pillow on the other end. 

Hommey cushions on a chair

The Cosiness of Great Textures

Texture matters, so it's important to understand a little bit about the textiles and materials of your pillows and cushions. There are many types of Hommey cushions but they have one thing in common: they're made from high-quality materials. 

Hommey pillows are OEKO-TEK 100 Standard approved. You can rest easy (and comfortably) knowing the materials in your pillows are free from harmful or toxic substances and strike that perfect balance between soft, firm and just right. They're also made using socially responsible production guidelines - protecting both the workers and the environment.

The pillow covers are made from fabrics such as wool, rayon, and polyester with cotton outer fillers and inner fillers of hollow fibre and down/feathers, so you can style your home without compromising your values and still have one of the cosiest rooms around!

Here at agos-co, our range of Hommey cushion covers are made from a Bouclé fabric (meaning "curled" in French). It's a technique involving the looping of fibres, giving the cushion a rugged look, but a gentle and soft finish.

When you're decorating with Hommey cushions, you can mix up more than the sizes and shapes. Experiment with different textures too. It's fine to pair a Bouclé textured pillow with a hand-loomed fringed throw.  

Hommey cushions on a couch

Decorate Like a Pro with Hommey

If you're ready to tackle home decorating, start with Hommey. Enhance your rooms with the right colours, shapes, and textures for a cosy space. 

It can take time and experimentation to find the perfect blend of style and comfort for your tastes, so order a few items, try them out, and see how they work in tandem with your existing furniture and accessories. 

At the end of the day, you want a warm, inviting and stylish place that's a reflection of you. Enjoy your decorating journey and get started with your Hommey pillows and cushions today!