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Top 10 Interior Paint Colour Trends for 2023

Humans have been decorating their homes for as long as we've had homes. Archaeologists have found cave paintings in Australia that are 30,000 years old. Some cave paintings in Europe are 40,000 years old.

Several millennia later, we still turn to painting when we want to breathe new life into a room. The list of popular interior paint colours is large, and it changes every year. Knowing which ones are in can mean the difference between a trendy room and one that looks outdated.

We've saved you some time by discussing several popular paint colours here. Read on to find out more.

1. Natural Greens

Among the biggest colour trends in 2023 is dark, natural greens. Some of the top choices of the year for dark green are Spanish Moss by Krylon or Boreal Forest by Benjamin Moore.

If you're looking for something similar and local, Wattyl offers a colour called Nottingham Forest and Dulux has one called Holly Bush. The great thing about all of these colours is that they will work well in any room.

Darker colours pair with brighter ones because they create contrast, and dark walls provide a great backdrop for bright furniture. Our occasional chair in Grant Beige in a room with walls painted a deep green would pop well.

2. Bright Red

Red adds a sense of joy and sophistication to a room. It's a vibrant colour that makes for a great background. Brighter colours, including bright red, tend to lighten our moods.

The colours of the year were Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore and Terra Rosa by Dunn Edwards. 

3. Terra Cotta

Closer to orange than red, terra cotta is a bright colour that invokes images of ancient clay and mud brick structures. It's a mixture of brown and orange and shares some traits of both.

Shades like Canyon Ridge and Conch Shell dominate the market, with Haymes Paint's Great Canyon a great local version.

The mix of colours in terra cotta means that it can work in any room. Black makes for an excellent counterpoint to terra cotta. Furniture like our Space Black Shelving Unit  is a great fit.

4. Greige

Known as greige by some, light brown mixed with grey fits every room. Muted colours like beige are great for kicking back after a long day, and this might be why it's among the most popular interior paint colours of the year.

Some of the trending greige paints are Skyline Steel by Sherwin Williams and Ivory Brown by Valspar.

The great thing about muted colours is that there isn't much variety to them. The colours look very similar, so anyone who isn't looking closely won't spot a difference between two different shades. Haymes' Taupe Grey and Dulux's Beige Antiquity are good matches. 

5. Teal

If you're looking for a friendly colour, try a shade of blue. Many shades of blue are popular this year, including teal. Vining Ivy by PPG COTY is a designer's pick this year. Wattyl's Teal Calla and Teal Vortex by Taubmans are nice, local substitutes.

Teal is a great choice for those who are fond of nautical or garden themes. It reminds people of the ocean as seen from the shore or the deck of a boat. Its connection to water means it's a perfect fit for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other rooms that use a lot of water.

5/10 top interior paint colours for 2023

6. Dark Blue

Blue is a calming colour, and darker shades of blue add a feeling of authority and sophistication. 

Dark blue is a good shade to paint bedrooms, and it works for any age. Both children and adults can feel at home in a dark blue bedroom.

Brighter colours complement dark blue well. We'd recommend one of our new Palo or Tomi white, marble side tables in a dark blue room.

7. Indigo Blue

Keeping with blue, Indigo by Sherwin Williams was one of the top choices this year too.

Indigo is a fairly common colour, so you won't have much trouble finding it at a hardware store, but Taubmans' Daring Indigo is a great start. 

8. Purple

Purple is the colour of royalty and magic. It's a niche colour to work with because purple doesn't mix with many colours. If done well, this can be purple's biggest strength.

We've discussed contrast and how the right interior paint colours can create it. Purple might be the best example of this. Purple walls or a bit of purple furniture in a muted room will stand out and draw eyes.

9. White

If you're in need of a new coat of paint, consider trying good old, reliable white. White feels cliched, but some things are cliches for a reason.

White creates the illusion of a larger room and it matches everything. This makes it a perfect choice for interior paint, and it will instantly freshen and brighten up any space – small or large!

10. Dark Brown

Browns and dark browns reminds us of nature. It's the colour of trees and mud, and it represents stability. Painting a dark brown room might make you feel safer.

Dark brown doesn't work for every room in the house. We'd recommend choosing something else for your bedrooms. 

You can find plenty of other places where dark brown fits the atmosphere. Perhaps you have a library or a study?

5/10 top interior paint colours for 2023