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The WFH Edit: 5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Home Office

The WFH Edit:  5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Home Office

Have the new restrictions got you working from home again? We feel you, and you are not alone! It's essential to recommence work in style and maintain productivity and motivation. We share with you five tips that will assist you in choosing furniture and homewares which will create the ultimate home office. It will not only accommodate a substantial workload but will inspire creativity and greatness! 


The Perfect Desk

The perfect desk is unique to every individual. For us, a home office desk with a large clear surface area is a must. Something like this is ideal for a computer or laptop, paperwork and some extra space for storage. We also encourage to find a desk with drawers to assist with organisation and clutter. Don't forget to keep it stylish and choose a colour that seamlessly merges with your interior style. Think long term and timeless. 



The Perfect Chair

When it comes to choosing the perfect chair, it can be a little less straightforward and a little tricky at times. However, we always suggest selecting a super comfortable office chair without overseeing design and style. Casters or no casters? This all depends on how much you need to move around. If you prefer to remain active, opt for a chair with no casters. This will encourage you to get some steps in during working hours. If you prefer being seated, opt for a home office chair with casters. 


The Perfect Storage Solution

A storage solution is always fundamental when setting up a home office. This also assists with organisation and clutter. Choose a shelving unit that has ample storage space and shelving that can display not only your books and folders but also decorative objects that make the interior you. Opt for a shelving unit that compliments your workspace and isn't too conflicting and overpowering.


The Perfect Decor

Now! The exciting part! Dressing your workspace, aka the home office, should be fun and exciting. Find objects that inspire you, reflect you, and encourage you to work more effectively. Tight for space? Opt for storage objects that feature a beautiful design, sculptural elements, but are also functional and offer a purpose, for instance, the Wooden Sphere and Galaxy from Kristina Dam Studio. Use these to store all the little things that are just as important. Need some plants or flowers? Look for lovely planters that will compliment your style and choose greenery and colourful flowers that encourage a happy working environment. 

Photography Kristina Dam Studio 

Choose a Room & Make it Yours!

It is essential to choose a room or space that is functional, vibrant, and with the right mood for productivity. Make your home office feel warm and welcoming, but most importantly, choose furniture and homewares that reflect your style and encourage a great work ethic that will inspire you to achieve greatness!