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All About Bouclé

Style and comfort. That's the sweet spot when we choose furnishings for our homes.

We like to apply the latest interior design trends to keep our rooms fresh and stylish, but we also crave comfort and a place we can retreat to at the end of a busy day.

What if one of the top decor trends this year could give you the perfect balance you seek? We have the answer—boucle.

Making a major resurgence in home interiors, boucle has a cosy texture, adding interesting details and texture to your room. To make it even more attractive, the fabric gives every furniture piece a timeless and comfortable appeal.

What Is Boucle Fabric?

Boucle is the French word for "curl" or "loop".

The word "boucle" refers to both fabric woven with the use of boucle yarn or the boucle yarn itself, made using looped fibres. While boucle is traditionally made from wool, now you can find the recognisable textile in silk, linen, cotton, polyester and other fabrics. 

The trend looks great on upholstered furniture such as chairs, couches and poufs. But, boucle fabric can also be used in window treatments and pillows or other accents for a stylish touch. Its softness makes it a fabric that you want to curl up on. 

The History Behind Boucle

The first known use of boucle fabric was by legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel.

After discovering the inexpensive tweed fabric, Chanel tested it on some of her designs. She discovered that the textile was perfect for structured womenswear jackets and suits. Soon, it became a favoured look by many women, including the style icon Jackie Kennedy. 

The popular fashion trend found its way into homes and soon was a part of many homes. Inviting and cosy, boucle furniture such as chairs, couches as well as blankets and pillows were a common sight in many homes over the 70s and 80s. 

After ebbs and flows of popularity, the nubby fabric is making a stunning and fast-paced return. 

How Is Boucle Fabric Made?

Boucle fabric is made beginning with creating the boucle yarn.  The chosen yarn is made from "loops" of similar size. These can range from tiny loops to large curls. 

To make the boucle yarn, at least two strands of this yarn are combined, with one strand kept looser than the other. The loose strand forms the nubby part of the yarn while the other strand remains the anchor. This result is a yarn texture with tiny loops or large curls, depending on the desired outcome.

The boucle yarn is then woven into fabrics to use on apparel, furniture, and home accessories. There are an infinite number of ways to use boucle fabric. 

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Boucle Uses

Mostly made in neutral colours, boucle fabrics are durable and versatile. This makes it well-suited for upholstery and adds a cosy touch to a room. It ups the curl-up-and-snuggle factor of your home. 

Upholstered Furniture

Boucle upholstery fabric lends itself well to upholstered furniture with its fuzziness and soft edges. Curved couches, cushiony armchairs and ottomans are beautiful additions to any room.  

Furniture finishings can be made with an understated, small-looped boucle fabric for an elegant, more polished look. But, you can also choose bolder and bigger boucle textiles for statement pieces for a bolder, cushier look. 

Occasional Chairs 

Occasional chairs (also know as accent chairs) are functional and cosy additions to any room in the house, from the lounge room to the nursery and anywhere in-between.

When you want somewhere to sit down and relax on your own, or you've got family and friends coming around and need more places for them to sit, an occasional chair upholstered in boucle is a very comfortable choice.


Poufs and boucle make for a perfect pairing. A boucle pouf is a fantastic way to incorporate boucle fabric into your room. You could pair the pouf with a sleeker fabric such as silk, leather, or velvet for a brilliant contrast of textures. 

Because boucle is a sturdy fabric, a pouf made in the fabric is a great way to incorporate extra seating into your room. 

Textural Accents

While a big furniture statement in boucle fabric is popular, you can also choose to include smaller boucle accents in your room.  

Throw pillows, cushions, and throw blankets are good choices. Choose a variety of interesting boucle cushions in different colours. Boucle cushions can be added to living rooms and also to bedrooms for a trendy and comfy look. 

Adding boucle curtains is also a great way to add boucle texture to a room. 

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Advantages of Boucle 

There are many advantages to using boucle in your home decor. Here are some reasons comfortable gently-knotted fabric is a popular choice. 

Cool Comfort

Boucle fabric has a cool, trendy vibe to it. But it is also one of the most comfortable textiles to use in a home. Boucle is comfort and aesthetic coming together. You'll want to show it off nd snuggle into it. 

Avoid the Shine

Some upholstery fabrics give off an unwelcome sheen when the sun hits them. You can avoid this problem by using boucle textile, which offers a modern, matte look. 

Easy to Clean

Boucle is easy to maintain and clean. For regular maintenance or for clean-ups, a vacuum with an upholstery attachment is all you need. For some lighter clean-ups, a damp cloth is useful. 

For spot-cleaning, all you need is a damp cloth. And because of its low liquid absorption, it makes it much easier to clean than other more absorbent fabrics. 

Adding a Mid-Century Touch

While boucle fabric is often applied to modern furniture and accessory style, it still offers a classic, historical appeal. By adding some boucle to your room, you are adding an avant-garde twist to vintage fabric. 

Acoustic Absorption

The weight and texture of the boucle fabric allow for great acoustic absorption. It's a perfect addition to improve sound quality in the room by reducing echoes. It's especially useful in minimalist rooms that incorporate a lot of wood or metal. 

Decorate With Beautiful Boucle 

Now that you know all about boucle, you know that it's a perfect addition to every home. Classy and comfortable, boucle is a gorgeous addition to every interior. 

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