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The Eco Edit: The Nassau Collection

The Eco Edit: The Nassau Collection

Immerse yourself into a colourful Caribbean city, Nassau, infused with beautiful pastels that are inspired by the golden sun, coral sand, stunning beaches, and vibrant houses. Colours that celebrate life and take you to the ultimate holiday destination. We have carefully sourced an eco-friendly outdoor collection named after this beautiful city, and that reflects this very sentiment; the Nassau Collection by Lifestyle Garden. 
Featuring the Nassau Outdoor Chairs
The Nassau Collection features outdoor chairs and outdoor tables that are sure to brighten your alfresco, cute balcony and take you on vacation to the Caribbean. Nassau is the perfect fusion of pastel colours combined with eucalyptus or teak hardwood. Crafted from sustainable materials and in a specified manner, Nassau contains no harmful chemicals and can be recycled without producing waste or damaging the environment. If you are concerned about the environmental impacts like we are, our beautiful outdoor collection is carefully curated to help clean up the ocean and have little or no effect on the environment.
Featuring the Nassau Outdoor Chairs in Honey (Set of 2)

The Carver Chair

A unique formulation of materials is used to craft this collection and helps support environmental wellness that encourages us to live a lifestyle that is considerate to our surroundings. One of these unique materials is Duresin®. This material is a unique form of polypropylene and polypropylene with fibreglass that is mould-injected to create hard-wearing, recyclable and maintenance-free products. Once injected into the mould and formed, polypropylene and composite polypropylene are incredibly durable, creating long-lasting furniture with UV resistance. This formulation is used to create the seats of the outdoor chairs while the Dura Ocean chair is produced using recycled fishing nets
The Nassau Carver Chair & Side Table in sage green

The Dura Ocean | Carver Chair

An innovative, eco-friendly, and sustainable product development, Dura Ocean chair is 100% crafted with recycled plastics originating from marine debris and mainly consisting of fishing nets that have been safely removed from the ocean, cleaned, and reconstructed into this beautiful chair. The Dura Ocean chair is fully recyclable; after use, you can dispose of this chair, and it is 100% biodegradable.

It's cleaning up the ocean! 

The Dura Ocean Chair in its element

The Side Table

Made from aluminium that is commonly used for boatbuilding and water-sensitive shore applications, the outdoor side table offers stability and robustness while also being lightweight and easy to move from the outdoors to the indoors. The aluminium is coated using Duracoat®, contributing to environmentally friendly processes. 

The Legs

The wood used for creating the legs of these chairs and side tables can be traced to the origin of the material. All of the wood is exclusively grown on FSC™ certified regenerated plantations, meaning that you can determine the location of the furniture from the exact spot where the tree once grew, and know it came from a responsibly managed forest. 

The Nassau Carver Chair & side table in coral sand. 

At agos—co, we believe every footprint impacts the environment. We are very conscious and attentive about the process and materials used behind the production of a product. Where possible, we aim to provide you with an eco collection of furniture and homewares that has little or no harmful effects on the environment.