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Inside: A New Mode of Living With Modal

Endeavouring to redefine what small footprint living constitutes, as well as the architectural possibilities available to a constrained footprint, Modal is a US company that provides modern prefab dwellings that can accommodate multiple lifestyle possibilities right in the backyard of your home. Picture a home office or studio, a home gym, and even an Airbnb all in the convenience and comfort of your home.
Their Story


Over the last few years, many US cities have declared new housing ordinances that permit ADUs. As a result of these new guidelines, the founders at Modal have looked for a way to improve 'population density' suburbs. Situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, the founders came up with Modal, a compact 'accessory dwelling unit' designed to expand housing options while making the process easy, sustainable, and convenient to everyone in the United States. Built offsite from recognised builders and the founders at Modal, these stylish prefab dwellings means there's no mess and a straightforward construction process. 


The founders at Modal explain that the "ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit which is a subordinate residential unit located on a homeowner's property that provides a separate living space including a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom amongst endless potentialities." Since Modal helps lighten the nationwide shortage of affordable homes for low-income renters; they contribute to more housing opportunities in residential areas with efficient use of existing residential land. It allows for an extra income for homeowners, similarly increased property value, neighbourhood preservation and housing with a small environmental footprint.  

A render of a Modal dwelling designed to create a separate and unique living space



 Economical and Aesthetic


Dedicated to providing a new way of living in a constrained footprint and driven by design, accompanying with high-quality construction and efficient manufacturing, Modal has made living affordable and friendly for everyone. Modal's dwelling was created to make a difference and to celebrate sustainable, adaptable, affordable, and modern design. "Our product perfectly embodies our goal as an organisation; to do more with less," they explain. 

Working within the envelope of the restrained façade and exterior walls; Modal dwellings maximise their small footprint with many beneficial features. For instance, built-in-furniture like custom seating, beds, and integrated storage, a fully equipped kitchen, along with kitchen essentials, a bathroom, two independently-zoned heating/cooling units, eco-friendly Forbo flooring, and the list goes on.


Showcasing built-in furniture and integrated storage for a minimalistic approach

The palette sees a minimal approach, further strengthening the elements of functionality, sustainability, and materiality with black, white, and natural colours to choose from—similarly, natural and black woods, white and black metals, and grey concrete, etc. The dwellings themselves feature a complementary blend of materials and textures that accentuate its aesthetic and surroundings.  

Inside the fully equipped kitchen showcasing robust materiality
With Function via Flexibility


With three different and dynamic dwellings, Modal sets a new standard for small living, "our layouts give you the flexibility to make it as cosy and functional as you need. Modal has maximised livability with built-in wardrobes, bathrooms with stacked laundry, and complete kitchens all built to last." With designs easily adapted and versatile to you, Modal is modular living at its best. 

 Fancy a gym in the comfort of your backyard? 

Built with Distinction


Modal's process is specifically tailored to be more time-efficient and to waste fewer materials at every stage of the process. Modal's primary focus is to reduce our carbon footprint and improve your way of life. "We proudly utilize recycled materials, and our manufacturers produce 80% less waste and 43% fewer carbon emissions than the average on-site projects," they explain. 

 Live Modal is the new way of living, seeking to redefine urban living in a small footprint. Their minimal spaces combine thoughtful design with quality materials built to stand the test of time.