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How To: Declutter Your Home With Decorative Objects


Clutter;  A collection of things lying about in an untidy state. 

When we hear the word, clutter, it gives us the chills, and we would imagine many of you feel the same way. We often see clutter all around our homes, offices, and workspaces, and we look for inspiring ideas to declutter our homes.
Thankfully Kristina Dam Studio, Copenhagen has created the most amazing decorative storage pieces to not only help declutter your personal space but do so in a decorative manner.
Here are various ways to declutter some of our most loved areas:

Bedroom | Dressing Room




Featuring the Wooden Galaxy made with Oak Wood straight from Copenhagen. Used here to organise your everyday jewellery and lipsticks that can often look messy and disorganised. Featuring our Oak Stool that can also be used as a side table.



Capturing the Wooden Sphere also made with Oak Wood straight from Copenhagen. The marvellous thing about these pieces is that they are multi-functional and can be used in various ways. Why not separate the sphere and have two bowls that can be used to differentiate between your gold and silver jewellery.


Bathroom | Powder Room





Evoke minimalism into your home and use this Wooden Sphere to store all your little pieces that need homes. We are in awe with the neutrality and minimalism, because once you cover the base of the sphere, you wouldn’t even know there are cotton buds inside. Perfect for the bathroom or the powder room.  Photo Credit: Not Only White. 


Living Room





Why not serve your guests with little chocolates or liquorice in these gorgeous Wooden Galaxies. Did you know that the World famous Danish liquorice-maker Johan Bülow has used Kristina Dam's wooden sphere's and wooden galaxy's to display their products when showcasing new assortments? Photo Credit: Sarah Van Peteghem.






Unsure of where to leave your keys and loose change? Not to worry these spheres & galaxies are perfect to keep them safe and organised in one place. 

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