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A Stylist's Guide: 5 Tips to Help Choose the Perfect Rug With Karin Altman

5 Tips to Help Choose the Perfect Rug 

Working as a decorator and a stylist is an ever-evolving role. The trends continuously change, colours come and go, and style moves quickly to keep up with growing demands for the next best thing. As the world is slowing down with all the madness surrounding COVID-19, I've had a quiet underlying satisfaction with the return to basics and the forced simplicity.
It has reinforced my growing personal belief that it's always better to have quality over quantity and that investing in long-lasting things (in our homes, wardrobes & our relationships) is the sustainable way to live and the road to true happiness. Every room has a starting point. For me, it's always a statement piece that grabs me, and it can be as simple as an object or as important as a piece of art or a sofa. Rugs used to be a finishing touch for me, but the more time I spend exploring colours and textures, I get more comfortable using them as a hero piece in a space, an encore to pull all the items around them to work together cohesively.
Caulfield #2 Project, by SIM-PLI Interiors | Photography Dylan James

1—Size Does Matter

When it comes to rugs, the bigger, the better. Gone are the days where your rug would only fit the coffee table, so it's easier to clean. Ideally, you want all your sofas and armchairs sitting on top of the rug comfortably to create a feeling of generosity and spaciousness. Measure your room and your furniture and draw it on a piece of paper.

Measure the main pieces like the sofa and armchairs and add them into the drawing in their position. Outline the furniture pieces and figure out how big the rug can be and use that measurement to establish a guide for the size you will need.

Caulfield #2 Project, by SIM-PLI Interiors | Photography Dylan James


2—Texture, Pattern, or Plain

Juxtapose your materials. Depending on whether the rug is the hero of the space, selecting a pattern or plain rug will be rather significant. If your space is full of prints and colour, you would most likely go for a flat weave rug with a solid colour or a textured wool rug to contrast with the other pieces in the space. Unless you are a maximalist and if that's the case, by all means, go nuts! If you were into an earthier interior, soft looped wool rugs would be more appropriate, and if your preference is modern & sleek, a solid colour flat weave rug will do the trick.

Caulfield #2 Project, by SIM-PLI Interiors | Photography Dylan James



Rugs can range from extremely cheap to say what now (?!) expensive depending on the method of production, material and country of origin. More expensive will not always translate into longer-lasting, and cheaper won't always translate into poor quality. Know what you are paying for; is it a designer name, a high-quality material, or lengthy complicated production method? Do your research and shop around until you find the style you desire that also fits within your budget.

Tribe Street Project, by S&K Group | Styling Art & Furniture by SIM-PLI Interiors | Photography Veeral



Tell a story. Think about what is the style of the proposed interior. Research so you can establish an idea of what the style is and if it works with the architecture of your home. Ask yourself what it is about that style that appeals to you? Are they calming colours? A feeling of earthiness? The simplicity? Question yourself if the pieces you are choosing are also fitting with those emotions. That will bring you one step closer to selecting the right items. Remember, there are no rules, but you have to make educated decisions about what approach to take when selecting pieces, so the final result is cohesive. And most importantly, trust your instincts.

Caulfield #2 Project, by SIM-PLI Interiors | Photography Dylan James


5—Keep It Practical

Find the balance between what you want and what you need. If you have a young family, pets or not currently living in your forever home choosing a $10k silk blend rug is most likely not the best choice for you, and if it is, I'd like to move in! Make sure your selection is realistic and functional so you can spend your time enjoying the space rather than feeling doubtful of your choices. After all, our homes are designed to be lived in and practical for everyday use.

Netherlee Project, by SIM-PLI Interiors | Photography Dylan James

Finally, if you are still struggling to put the pieces together, ask for advice! Using a stylist or a decorator can save you time, money and like some of my clients say, 'save your marriage!' So find someone in your area that you connect with and will work to your budget to help bring your ideas to life.

By Karin Altman, SIM-PLI Interiors