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A Stylist's Guide: 5 Tips for the Ultimate Bedroom With Design by Tania

As we head into uncertain territory with the recent evolution of COVID – 19, we are all spending a lot more time at home. Whether you are working remotely or social distancing (or both!), it is more important than ever to ensure your home feels like your own sanctuary where you can be productive but also unwind at the end of the day, without going mad. In this article, I am going to share my five tips on how to create the ultimate bedroom space.
With daylight savings officially over and the weather becoming cooler, there is nothing better than jumping into a luxurious and cosy bed at the end of the day. Your bedroom is a great place to express your own personal style, bringing in your favourite colours, adding texture and playing with light.
Wave Bed, Daniel Boddam


Choosing a bedhead will set the scene for the entire room, so choose wisely. Sometimes this can often be the hardest part, and therefore it is essential to establish the bedhead aesthetic before moving to the other elements in the room. Will it be a bespoke, built-in item with an upholstered or hard finish? Or will it be a purchase from your favourite furniture store? 

I would suggest opting for a neutral colour, something that is versatile and can be styled easily. An interior designer/decorator can assist you with the best approach.

Darlinghurst Apartment, Hecker Guthrie

Bespoke Bedhead, Build Her Collective

2—Layering | Textures

The easiest way to transform a room is by investing in good quality bed linen, cushions, blankets and throws. After all, we do spend one-third of our lives sleeping! Try combining a mix of textures, tones, colours and patterns to create a space that has warmth and a feeling of cosiness. 

Pure Linen is my number one choice for bed sheets, as it is comfortable to sleep in no matter the season. Linen is also durable and excellent for those who are conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases. In the colder months, I like to layer with velvet duvet covers, cashmere, and alpaca throws

Arno Residence, Adele Bates

3—Lighting Sets the Mood

Creating the right ambience in the bedroom is very important. Consider the purpose of the lighting (function or mood) and its positioning within the proposed area. It is also essential to control natural light with window treatments and remember that these will be visible from both the inside and out.

Sheer linen curtains add a relaxed softness to a room whilst subtly filtering out natural light and adding privacy. For those who prefer a darker room for sleeping, block out roller blinds or curtains can be installed to eliminate any natural light.

Have fun with lighting table lamps, low hanging pendant lights or wall sconces (my favourite choice). These lights should be dimmable to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Setting the mood, Rob Mills Architects

Armadale Residence, Workroom

4—Make a Statement

Invest in pieces you love! Perhaps a statement armchair, sideboard or artwork. It is a way to create a level of interest and adds another layer to a room, which allows you to add your personal style. When choosing art, make sure it is the correct size for the space and positioned correctly. Think of adding objects with an impressive form - like soft curved armchairs or mirrors and storage with interesting hardware.

Albert Residence, Kestie Lane Studio 


Spanish House, Robson Rak

5—Tech Free Zone

Slip-on, your favourite loungewear, pour yourself a tea, light a candle and read your favourite printed book. My number one tip is to make your bedroom an electronic-free zone after a certain time of night. Avoid installing a TV in the room, using an old-fashioned alarm clock and charging the phone in another room. By eliminating distractions from the outside world, you will find you have more time for reading, spending quality time with your partner and enjoying an improved night sleep.

Elsternwick House by Wellard Architects

Hand Balm, Aesop

Cup Set, agos-co

By implementing these five easy tips, you will feel like you have a space where you can clear your mind, relax and enjoy the sanctuary you have created!

By Tania Lambro, Design By Tania