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A Home Away From Home: The Top 5 Holiday House Essentials

Did you know that 560,000 Australians (over the age of 14) report having a holiday home? It's nice to know that lots of your neighbours (and maybe even yourself) have holiday homes that you can escape to.

If you just purchased a new holiday home and are looking to figure out what holiday home style you should go with, you are in the right place.

Our article below will outline some holiday house decor ideas that should keep you busy for the next few weeks. So, keep reading!

1. Minimalist Holiday Home Interior Is the Way To Go

Whether your holiday home is in the middle of the bush, or backs on to a beach, minimalist styling goes with both. You don't want to overdo it with the decor, trinkets, knick-knacks, and more. You want to create a space that is easy to clean, and easy to live in.

This is especially important if you only use your holiday home for a few months of the year and leave it locked up for the rest. You don't want to come back to a dusty interior that takes forever to clean. 

Also, if you are planning to rent out your holiday home while you are not using it, a minimalist style will go further in enticing renters than something that's overcrowded and overstuffed. You don't want your guests to feel suffocated or limited by all the items in your holiday home. 

Use minimalist shelving units to store all your items in a fashion that doesn't feel overdone or overwhelming.

2. Think Cosy, Welcoming, and Laid-back - Quintessential Australian Style

The great thing about Australia is that being a younger country, it doesn't have any traditional ways of decorating homes. We're more about living in a charming yet inviting space. 

You can do this by using lots of gorgeous and tactile cushions from Hommey Cushions). We also recommend cosy fringed throws and blankets that you can pull over yourself while reading, watching TV or having drinks with friends.

A holiday home is supposed to be a retreat away from the ravages and stresses of daily life. Have a space inside or outside where you can gather with your friends and family and enjoy the varied calls of nature with lots of eco and woven furniture with warm rugs underfoot. Let those sounds seep into you and relax you from the inside out. 

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3. Use a Mix of Vintage and Modern Decor

If you like the idea of going antique shopping for your holiday home, go for it! It would be a great addition to your holiday house to have some pieces from a bygone era. 

But do not overdo it. Have a mix of both vintage, antique and decadently traditional pieces, along with minimalist and modern decor with clean lines and simple bursts of colours (black, white, and grey are also good choices). 

This way your home won't feel like a forbidding castle, but more like a holiday home where people can throw their feet up, relax, and forget about their daily life troubles. 

For example, you could use decagonal or rectangular mirrors with clean modern lines to give the illusion of more space in your holiday home.

4. Don’t Forget Natural Materials Will Last Longer

Are you hoping to keep this holiday home of yours for a long time to come? Then consider using natural materials as much as possible not only to build your holiday home but also to decorate it. 

Think natural woods carved into a dining table and bench. Or granite or other beautiful stone tiles covering your bathroom walls and floors. Also, consider creating a pond or a natural water feature in your backyard, which can double up as a swimming hole and have woven furniture around to function as an outdoor living area. 

Natural materials don't require as much upkeep and care and will last forever with the teensiest bit of care. Also, you won't worry so much about your children and their friends roughhousing in the house and ruining or scratching your precious furniture. 

You could even make it a project for you and your spouse if you are interested in woodwork, to create some of your holiday home furniture yourself. It would give you such a sense of pride and joy to see your creations being used daily by your holiday home letters and your family.

5. Don’t Think of What’s In, but What Appeals to You

Holiday house decor should always be something that comes from the heart and soul. Perhaps you followed the trends when decorating your home, but you don't need to do that when it comes to furnishing a holiday home. 

If you wish to have a bunch of fluffy cushions on a decadent carpet on the ground, where people can lounge about, as if they were in an Arabian Nights' novel, then so be it! Don't worry too much about what would appeal to your friends or the masses. But focus on what would appeal to your family and yourself.

You are going to be using this holiday home every year for a few months at a time. So you will want to create a space that's inviting to you and makes you feel like you breathe a sigh of relief every time you open that door. 

Don't forget to add lots of imperfect, yet familiar textured holiday furniture to your home. Think worn leathers, sanded back furniture, and rustic decor pieces like this Wooden Sphere that adds sculptural minimalism with articulating design to your home.

These kinds of personal touches are what's going to make your holiday home truly yours, instead of something you saw in a magazine or a Pinterest board. 

Holiday home style should be personalised and comfortable. The great thing is that you are in charge. It's your home and it should appeal to your aesthetics, not some celebrities' or what's on trend.

If you are still searching for decadent, yet cosy decor items and furniture for your holiday home, check out agos-co's furniture collection. We offer free shipping Australia-wide, and we have an eco collection for all conscious-minded folks. 

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