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5 Ways: To Slow Your Home With Kirsty Ristevski from Homemayd

Inside the Ristevski Residence. Photography by Tom Roe 

Slow living is a life philosophy, a state of mind and being, a thoughtful approach, and an orderly manner to daily life. This instance addresses the desire to encourage a more balanced life and to pursue a more holistic sense of well being in the fullest sense of the world. We ask Kirsty Ristevski from Homemayd to share with us five ways to implement slow living and how to slow our homes during these unprecedented times. 

'We need to know and passionately love the things we value and compose our lives to spend the most time possible enjoying them," says Kirsty. Slow living allows us to gain more time for the things that are the most important to us. "We can create an 'apparent' deceleration on the pace of modern life through being conscious of and reflecting on our senses on a day-to-day basis," tells Kirsty. 

With the incorporation of slow living, the result is a refreshingly contemporary house that establishes the feeling of 'home.' "We designed our current family home with the intent to live consciously and with feeling." Kirsty further explains, "our previous homes were designed to sell. They also had compassion, but perhaps not the same amount of colourful family fun! Slow living in our home is all about implementing warmth within this atmosphere and creating a homely experience." 

Inside the Ristevski Residence. Photography by Tom Roe 

 Make your home perfectly imperfect. Perfectly YOU.

Embracing slow life means allowing things to be and not being afraid of losing control. "Do not stress over creased bed linen, a chipped bowl, or the patina of your brass handles – not everything has to be fast, polished, or showroom-perfect." Opt for materials that will last longer and age gracefully. Choose sustainable.

 Photography by  Becca Schultz 

Shop Slower

Kirsty stresses that shopping comes with responsibility. "With impulse buys and online shopping, leading to lots of unplanned purchases, shopping can be overwhelming. Buy deliberately; quality over quantity." She illustrates that if we slow down our shopping, we can reduce waste and be more mindful when it comes to purchasing. By not rushing, you can build a home that reflects your life, rather than trends that will come and go. 

Inside the Albert Park Residence. Photography by Dylan James

Marie Condo sections of your home

A current trend that helps organise your life. "Do not overwhelm yourself, but approach your home section by section. If reducing the amount of things you have will enable you to make time to enjoy the things you love, then get rid of excess. Donate. There will be plenty of people in need in the coming weeks or months," tells Kirsty. With a thoughtful approach, Kirsty recommends using this time to clear your head and think outwardly from your centre, your home. "Immersion in quality over quantity is what is essential." 

Photography by Sarah Dorweiler

Declutter your digital world

We can all benefit from reduced screen time. Kirsty recommends tuning in to digital devices after 8 am and before 8 pm. "Digital decluttering can also help tune your focus into what really matters; go through your phone and delete apps you rarely use or those that do nothing but steal your time." She also recommends taking breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, as continuously hearing about a pandemic without interruption, can be upsetting. Although it is essential to stay informed, you can become more distressed if you see repeated images of a disaster in the media. "Focus on those things that inspire you instead," emphasises Kirsty. 

 Photography by Sarah Dorweiler

Plant a seed

Slow living is all about living life at a more 'relaxed pace'. In the modern and contemporary world, we are all accustomed to being able to purchase what we want whenever we want it. Kirsty recommends following a more straightforward routine and plant a seed, watch it grow, and harvest the rewards of fresh produce grown at home. "Buy a beautiful planter that adds to your home sensory experience and nurture that plant. It will give back in so many ways - I promise," describes Kirsty.


Photography via Kristina Dam Studio

Within all the panic and anxiety during these uncertain times, slow living can help us take a step back and live more mindfully and purposefully. "We should enjoy every little moment of forced time with those who are closest to us (even the with the joys of homeschooling." Kirsty further adds "looking upon our neighbours in a different light, the random acts of kindness that bring us all together. Right now, in this crazy and unprecedented time of the global pandemic, we are all being forced to slow down. And we need to take heed."

Inside the Albert Park Residence. Photography by Dylan James

Live slowly and live mindfully.