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5 Ways: To Drape A Throw Like A Pro

Introducing warmth to your home is essential all-year-round. It creates a sense of comfort, liveability, and a sense of welcome for you and your guests. We often refer to it as hygge, which is a Danish and Norwegian word for an aspect of cosiness and comfortable merriment with feelings of wellness and contentment. 
Adding warmth to your interior can be straightforward. It is as simple as adding a throw blanket to your living room, bedroom, reading nook, etc. We will show you five ways on how to drape your throw blanket like a pro and, at the same time, adding warmth and comfort to your favourite space, which will create this very sentiment of cosiness, comfort, and feelings of wellbeing and contentment.

1. Drape Over Arm


A soft, relaxed look and often a popular option, this casual style is the perfect touch paired with or without cushions. We recommend with a smaller or lightweight throw. To achieve this look, fold the throw in half lengthways and fold in half again. On the folded part of the throw pinch the middle, allowing the bottom fringe to fan out and drape over the arm of the sofa or armchair. Make minor adjustments until you are satisfied with the overall look.
Living room of Girl & The Word | Image Credit @girlandtheword
Inside the home of Sedsel Roug | Image Credit Sedsel Roug

2. Drape Over Arm | Backrest



Also, a soft and relaxed look most suited to a larger or thicker throw blanket. To achieve this look, fold the throw in half lengthways and fold in half again, ensuring that one side is slightly longer than the other. Drape over the backrest and arm of the sofa and fluff up to obtain that casual, imperfect look.

3. Drape Over Backrest


Similarly, draping over the backrest in the centre of the sofa, or slightly off centre can be just as effective. Especially if you are one to love a symmetrical interior. We often adore this look on a three-seater sofa, draping the throw in the middle and positioning cushions on either side. This balances and adds more warmth to a rather large sofa. 

4. Drape at the Foot | Armchair


 This look is excellent for your hidden sanctuary, which enables you to unwind from a long day's work. Here you will find a reading nook, a daybed, an armchair, and even a footrest. For this look, we love to fold the throw in half lengthways and fold in half again. We then drape at the end of your daybed or footrest. Stack a couple of your favourite books over the top for easy access for the following day. This look is also perfect for a chaise lounge. Prefer the relaxed look? Repeat the steps as mentioned above. 
Inside the beautifully restored and spacious suites, Masseria Dagilupi
 Image & Styling by Interior Marketing Group IMG NYC 
Garden Suite Ulivo at Masseria Dagilupi

5. Bedroom Hygge



There is no greater feeling than a comfy and cosy bed. To achieve these characteristics, you must layer beautiful textures and different shades to create depth and warmth. We often appreciate a neutral duvet and cushions with a large throw draping over the edge of the bed, try a pop of colour or keep it neutral. To do this, we recommend folding in half lengthways spread across the end of the bed. You can either leave it smooth and perfect or pinch a few parts on the flat surface to gather the throw. For a small throw, we often love to drape over the corner at the end of the bed in a casual state for an imperfect look.


Deluxe Room Limoni at Masseria Dagilupi
 Inside the bedroom of Girl & The Word | Image Credit @girlandtheword